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case studies
case studies

Web Design Optimization Techniques

A website can be your strongest lead generator and your most natural form of marketing. A website with a great conversion funnel that takes users effortlessly through the buyer journey will drive more conversions and provide more user-satisfaction than a site that is simply thrown together without keeping the user and their needs top of mind.

While there are seemingly endless elements to consider when you’re developing your website, there are three core essentials that should be part of every site:

  • Prominent contact information
  • Concise messaging
  • Strong calls-to-action

In computing, optimization is the process of modifying a system to make some features of it work more efficiently or use fewer resources. For instance, a computer program may be optimized so that it runs faster, or to run with less memory requirements or other resources (see Space-time tradeoff), or to consume less energy. This is a branch of software engineering.

The optimization can have sense at different levels, from the lowest (development of circuits, writing of machine code designed especially for the architecture) up to the highest levels of making of implementation, use or design of algorithms.

The optimization is generally recommended to leave until the end of the process of development, since the premature optimization can introduce new errors (generally more difficult to detect for being of algorithmic nature).

The optimized system may be a single computer program, a collection of computers or even an entire network such as the Internet.